Passionate about living our
best lives and helping others
do the same

Aloha, we are Rose and Chris

We are blessed to live in paradise–on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai! We are passionate about helping people look better, feel better, experience the world and live their best lives. We are foodies, natural health aficionados who believe in alternative modalities and that food is healing, avid world travelers and lifelong learners.

Years ago Chris experienced a heart issue, and Rose was struggling with imbalances caused by menopause. Chris’ health scare, along with the pandemic, forced us to evaluate our lifestyle and make some much needed changes. Health and wellness became our priority.

We were already pescatarians and looked into switching to a plant-based alkaline diet to balance, detox and alkalize our bodies. Rose has a lot of food allergies, and this way of eating fit into our lifestyle. We tried it for 10 days, liked it and how we felt. We now live an alkaline plant-based lifestyle and take plant-based, clean supplements to support our health.

We have more energy, mental clarity, are sleeping better, and lost weight effortlessly over time. We are living our best lives and are committed to helping you achieve yours!

Rose & Chris Benzel